On April 12, 2020, METROPOLE shared the 5-day rule based on the protocols from a webinar by CINET with the objective to keep customers and the staff safe in light of COVID-19
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On 27May2020 METROPOLE obtained updated Information from the AMERICAN INDUSTRIAL HYGIENE ASSOCIATION that provided basis to reduce the isolation time of items from 5-days to 3-days
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On 30May2020, the 5-day rule was modified after correspondence with leading Infectious Disease Specialists

Modified 5-day RULE:

  1. Customer must bring items in sealed plastic bags.

    - items in hampers, ecobags, and other porous packaging will not be received.

  2. At receiving, items will only be weighed but not counted or sorted to prevent the COVID from becoming airborne

    - Please pack clothing items separately from Comforters, Blankets, and bed sheets.

  3. All items will be isolated for 3-days at room temperature to ensure that the COVID virus has been made inactive.

  4. On the 4th day the items will be processed. Packing date shall be recorded on the plastic bag.

  5. Items will be ready for claiming on the 5th day from date received.

We want it to be WRONG but we cannot risk if it is RIGHT

Frequently asked questions

The CDC has stated that for “Linens, Clothing, and Other Items that Go in the Laundry. In order to minimize the possibility of dispersing virus through the air, do not shake dirty laundry”. We do not count items upon receipt to avoid the possibility for the virus to become airborne.
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The AIHA has stated that “Some porous materials (e.g., apparel) may be challenging to disinfect, and could become damaged during the disinfecting process. If items cannot be disinfected, consider isolating the items as follows:
- Isolate paper/cardboard materials for at least 24hours.
- Isolate plastic and stainless steel for at least 3 days.
Note: Clothing items have plastic and metal buttons and accessories. Isolating items for 3days is intended to make inactive any virus in apparel.
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3. WHY SELF SERVICE option has been SUSPENDED?
We are avoiding a scenario wherein a customer accidentally shakes dirty laundry while loading in the washer, resulting to the virus to become airborne and pose a health hazard to all.

POST HANDLING: For customers who are part of the high risk group or have comorbidities, as added precaution, the customer may isolate items after wash-dry-fold service in the plastic packaging for 3-days under room temperature to safeguard against COVID.

We want all our protocols to be proven WRONG, but cannot afford that the protocols are proven RIGHT and knowingly exposed our customers and staff to harm.

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Services We Offer

We make Life a little easier by providing ALL Laundry Services under one roof. All METROPOLE branches offer the following services.

No Need to get TIRED, No need to SORT, WAIT, FOLD. Our service is per Kilo and Guaranteed ready within 36-Hours during weekdays or receive 5.00Kg FREE on your next service.
METROPOLE is the 1st Lagoon Certified Laundry in the Philippines. The Lagoon® system is offered by METROPOLE to care for your wool sweater, blouses and shawl because Lagoon® is the 1st water based system to be approved and endorsed by Woolmark, the world’s leading name in wool textiles.
Large items like curtains, seat covers, and area carpets is not a problem with METROPOLE as we operate our own central laundry facility to handle the servicing of large laundry items.
Guaranteed NO Shrinkage, NO Fading, NO Bad Odor of your Barong, Blazers, Coat, Pants, Shirt, Blouse, Jacket, Beaded Dress and even Wedding Gown.
Avoid bad odor, discoloration and cracking on your leather jackets, pants, dresses, skirts, gloves and race suits with METROPOLE’S Leather Care service.
Refresh, clean, and sanitize your favorite teddy bear and stuffed toy with METROPOLE’s plush toy cleaning technology. No teddy is too large; we can process all sizes and shapes, even life-sized mascots!
Have clean sneakers for only P300.00 with the Philippines’ 1st Ultrasonic Sneaker Cleaning service.
Commercial accounts like spas, hotels, inns, and factories requiring laundry service are accepted by METROPOLE either per Kilo price or per piece depending on the volume.
Our Discount Programs are designed to match the size of Your Family.

LaundREWARD is Metropole’s Customer Program to reward Regular Customers of the Wash-Dry-Fold Service.

Here’s how to claim your rewards:

  • Click the Sign Up button below and fill out the information.
  • Make sure you have a LaundREWARD card or claim one after availing laundry service under Wash-Dry-Fold at your patronized Metropole branch.
  • To earn points, present your LaundREWARD card to the attending Branch personnel every time you avail one of these services:

    • Service Under Wash-Dry-Fold per Kilo.
    • Services under Family Plus.
    • Comforters and Household items individually weighing a maximum of 3 Kilos.

    Points will be recorded based on their equivalent in Kilos.

  • Accumulate enough points.
  • Present your LaundREWARD card to avail your rewards!
Branch Network
We offer our services to different areas here in Metro Manila. Visit a Metropole branch near you!