The METROPOLE Sneakers Cleaning Service
is a two step system intended to provide quick turn-around at a very affordable price. Step One is the Basic service including ultrasonic cleaning, sanitation, and oven drying. In this stage, we do not guarantee removal of deep set stains and Sole whitening.
Service lead time is 3 days and the service price is only P300.00
After 3-days the sneakers will be presented for your evaluation. If you will desire Stain Removal and Sole Whitening, you may avail of the 2nd stage service. Separate Service Fee.
98% of our customers have been impressed with Stage One Cleaning and did not require 2nd stage service.
How to avail this service?
Step 1
Bring your sneakers for cleaning to the nearest METROPOLE Branch.
Step 2
Complete the Waiver Form and surrender your sneakers for Ultrasonic cleaning.
Step 3
Pay the service fee of P300.00
Step 4
After 3 days , the sneaker will be presented for your evaluation
Before and After Sneaker Ultrasonic Cleaning
Actual Photos. No Photoshop. No Filters.