Dry Cleaning

Dry-Cleaning uses chemicals to clean and process fabrics and it is called “Dry-Cleaning” because the process uses no water. Among the advantages of dry-cleaning is its ability to dissolve grease and oils in a way that water cannot.

At METROPOLE, the Dry-Cleaning process is provided through a microprocessor controlled machine to remove all the foul odor associated with backyard "lub-lub" dry-cleaning. Simply… foul odors means dirty chemicals on your clothes!

Items are priced per piece. Service time is 72 hours.

On June 6, 2017, METROPOLE became the FIRST company in the Philippines to complete the Lagoon® - wet-cleaning certification program.

The Lagoon® service is offered by METROPOLE to care for your wool sweaters, blouses and shawls. Lagoon® is the 1st water based system to be approved and endorsed by the Woolmark Company, the world’s leading name in wool textiles. Lagoon® is also excellent for your silk, cashmere, viscose, embroidery, sequins and other delicate fabrics. Even clothes with flocking, buttons or transfers can be processed with incredibly high quality results.

Items are priced per piece. Service time is 72 hours.

Leather Care

Cleaning of your valued leather jackets, pants, dresses skirts, gloves and race suits is important to prevent the growth of bacteria which causes bad odor and discoloration on leather goods. The service includes conditioning which prevents the leather to stiffen and crack to make your leather apparel last longer.

METROPOLE only provides service to apparel items.

Service time is 7 days.