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For Complaints and Delayed Service feedback, Please provide the Claim Stub number to allow us to determine who accepted, who processed, and who released the items. Without a Claim Stub Number, the investigation will take much longer. Thank You.
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We request the understanding of the customer that the most challenging part in operating a service business like METROPOLE is the difficulty in balancing the desire to satisfy every customer with the long term financial viability of the business. One procedure implemented by our Company to systematize the balancing act of satisfying the customer and the long term viability of our operation is through a Standard Service Policy that is posted at the branch beside the price list and also printed at the bottom of the Claim Stub before the “Conforme” Signature to communicate to the customer about the limited liability clause of METROPOLE Laundry & Dry-Cleaners, Inc. For reference we have included below a Copy of the Service Policy.

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