LaundREWARD is Metropole’s Customer Program to reward Regular Customers of the Wash-Dry-Fold Service.
LaundREWARD Program Mechanics
  • Every Thirty (30) LaundREWARD Points accumulated by a customer will entitle the customer to a choice of either 2Kilos FREE on the succeeding service of at least 5Kilos or a specially-priced promotion item available at the time the points is accumulated.
  • Included in the LaundREWARD program are:
    • Service Under Wash-Dry-Fold per Kilo.
    • Services under Family Plus.
    • Comforters and Household items individually weighing a maximum of 3 Kilos.
  • Every Kilo availed under Wash-Dry-Fold will be equivalent to one(1) LaundREWARD Point.
  • Points will be recorded based on their equivalent in Kilos, no rounding off applies except for Wash-Dry-Fold Service below the Minimum of 4.29Kilos which will be recorded 4.29Points because of the minimum Charged applied.
  • The corresponding Points will be considered fully-earned upon FULL Payment of the service fee.
  • The LaundREWARD Card must be presented to the attending Branch personnel each time a customer avails of the services included in the Program.
  • Failure of the customer to present the LaundREWARD Card upon payment of the Service Fee, will automatically forfeit the corresponding equivalent points.
  • The Bearer of the card shall be considered the rightful owner of the Points. It is the customer’s responsibility to safeguard the LaundREWARD Card and under no circumstance will METROPOLE, Inc. be held liable to replace the corresponding points for lost or missing LaundREWARD Cards.
  • The LaundREWARD Card must be surrendered to the Sponsor Branch once the 30Points have been accumulated to avail of the 2Kilos Free of Laundry Service or the specially-prized promotional item.
  • The 2 Kilos Free Service may be availed only One Time. The Customer may avail of the free service even if it is below the 2 Kilos Free; however, this shall forfeit the unused portion of the Reward.
  • Customer may choose not to avail of the 2Kilos Free and instead accumulate another 30 points to increase the free service. Customer may avail of the accumulated FREE service, regardless of the Total Kilos accumulated, at a single time. However, the same principle of a minimum of 105 Kilos for each service will be observed.
  • The METROPOLE SPONSOR BRANCH is the specific Branch that issued the card to the customer and shall also be the only branch where the FREE Kilos may be availed.
  • To participate in the Program, a customer must possess a LaundREWARD Card. The Card will be given for free by the sponsor Branch once:
    • Customer avails of Laundry Service under Wash-Dry-Fold.
    • The customer has completed and submitted the necessary Customer Information Sheet.
  • METROPOLE Laundry & Dry-Cleaners, Inc. reserves the right to reassess, adjust, or cancel the mechanics of this program as a result of extraordinary inflation or deflation exceeding (15%) of the currency stipulated as promulgated by the Banko Central ng Pilipinas.